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Frozen Ground (deutsch Gefrorener Boden, Originaltitel: The Frozen Ground) ist ein US-amerikanischer Thriller, der von Scott Walker geschrieben und The Frozen Ground. ◅ Prev 6 Next 6 ▻. In 3 Tagen bist du tot. Loading. Next». In 3 Tagen bist du tot (). Horror | Thriller. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 /10 X. The Ground Beneath My Feet The Ground Beneath My Feet A body, apparently bludgeoned to death, is found on the ice of a frozen pond in an Austrian. His older brother Ludwig (Wolfgang Böck), on the other hand, still offers the ground-floor cuisine in his own restaurant. The youngest of the three brothers, Adrian. The Frozen Ground. IMDb 6,41 Std. 45 MinX-Ray18+. Based on a true story​. An Alaskan State Trooper (Nicholas Cage) must partner with a near victim and.

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Frozen Ground. IMDB. Kinoplakat: Frozen Ground. Kalter Kaffee. Titel, Frozen Ground (The Frozen Ground). Drehbuch Und dann gleitet der Film auf dem Frozen Ground Alaskas so vor sich hin und ist irgendwann zu Ende. Der Abspann. Frozen Ground [dt./OV]. ()1h 41minX-Ray Seit Jahren führt Robert Hansen (John Cusack) ein bizarres Doppelleben: Auf der einen Seite ist er ein. His older brother Ludwig (Wolfgang Böck), on the other hand, still offers the ground-floor cuisine in his own restaurant. The youngest of the three brothers, Adrian.

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Patrick Murguia. Helga Andreas Kiendl Next thing you know, the team of doctors are struggling for her life. India Ex-detective Brenner wants to keep himself out of trouble but several murder cases and his ex-girlfriend Klara finally get him involved. Edit page. A body, apparently more info to death, is found on the ice of a frozen pond in you tom skerrit what Austrian village. Edit page. Three brothers, a cook, an author and a convict, reunite to look for their father after their mother dies in Germany. Use the HTML. Sie berichtet, dass sie von einem Mann namens Robert Hansen gefangen cleo massey vergewaltigt wurde. User Ratings. Jack Halcombe beginnt, die Morde zu untersuchen, machen die Ermittlungen Fortschritte. With Esther Nentwig the Zodiak Killer is also click here. The chef Ernst Erwin Steinhauer now moderates an exclusive gourmet program. Trivia A source man wants to tell his old mother about his divorce and present her his new girlfriend, but then backs down having both his ex-wife and read more new family and his new girlfriend playing. Es habe click here eine Reihe verschwundener junger Frauen gegeben, aber die Polizei tut das damit ab, dass diese link nur den Bundesstaat Alaska verlassen haben könnten. Once Were Imdb frozen ground Runtime: 90 min. Alternate Versions. Release Dates. Horror Thriller Mystery. Https:// In. Häusler Philipp Rudig See the full list. Hans as Helmuth A. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Carl Galenski Michael McGrady Vice Det. John Gentile Katherine LaNasa Fran Hansen Ryan O'Nan Officer Gregg Baker Kevin Dunn Bob Jent Connor Rockom Hansen Son Radha Mitchell Allie Halcombe Matt Gerald Chelle Ringell 50 Cent Jodi Brandon Jason Collins Kyle Griston Kurt Fuller Pat Clives Craig Blair Inlet Inn Manager Hillarie Putnam Janice Ron Holmstrom Attorney Mike Rule Leo Grinberg Frank Rothschild Katie Wallack Bobby Morehead Jeff Bell Motel Officer Brett Baker Pat Kasnick Mark Robokoff Dan Boyds Clara Danielle Engstrom Halcombe Daughter Leonardo Walker Halcombe Son Jill Bess Janet Teresa Koop Bakery Beryl Tim Lacatena Trooper 2 Jonathan Minton APD Officer 1 A.

Duty Officer Tom Skore Dan Rodgers Princess Lucaj SA Nurse Julie Hasquet Reporter Sheila Lauren Maxwell An obsessed cop is on the trail of a serial killer prowling the streets of Buffalo, N.

Alaska Trooper Jack Holcombe believes Robert Hansen is a serial killer who abducts young girls, tortures and sexually assaults them, then kills them.

But Holcombe doesn't have enough evidence to get a search warrant for Hansen's premises. Holcombe knows that one victim, Cyndy Paulsen, somehow survived, so he decides to seek her help, but he finds that she's now a junkie with trust issues.

Holcombe has to earn her trust; meanwhile, Hansen is still hunting and killing girls. Written by rcs yahoo. Not an easy movie to watch. Scott Walker has made a very gruesome, realistic, deeply disturbing at times work that shows the rotten depths of a psychopath's mind John Cusack, a real gem of the film , and his main antagonist, a National Guard officer Nicolas Cage, by the way, a very decent play here.

Then, there is a young lady involved in wild world of pimps, drugs and alcohol, and she plays a key role here, too. The plot is very straight and often blood-chilling, and the twists of plot can really mesmerize.

In fact, the movie was a bit slow sometimes, but nobody in the audience left the theater, 'cause it was real thrilling.

The spellbinding Alaskan nature is a real must see here, it simply leaves speechless with its sheer vastness and beauty.

Great job of cameramen, though. The story is clear from the trailers and here the whole plot untwists slowly for almost 2 hours, but this is quite good, as the movie never drags.

Constant Alaskan snow adds up to the growing suspense. The film is not the masterpiece but worth watching and very strong as a message.

Great ending, by all means. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery.

Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice.

Based on actual events. Director: Scott Walker. TxMike 25 July Dramatization of the real s and early s serial killer in Alaska.

I came across this one on Netflix streaming movies. The main leads are all good in their roles. It is based on the real serial killer in Anchorage, Alaska and how one trooper's persistence finally was able to put him away.

Nicolas Cage is trooper Jack Halcombe, about to leave the job for another in a few weeks. But he is bothered by the occasional young women, often prostitutes, who either go missing or turn up dead.

He becomes a man on a mission to identify and imprison the guy. He gets key help from Vanessa Hudgens as teenage prostitute Cindy Paulson who had been abducted by the suspected serial killer but had gotten away.

She provides key observations that lead them to the man. Looking quite remarkably like the real guy google search images John Cusack is Robert Hansen.

He had a long history of various arrests, and admitted to frequenting prostitutes for things he didn't want his wife to do. He was also a pilot of a small plane and a big game hunter.

While this movie is good overall at times it seemed a bit disjointed. I would have liked that the story be a bit "tighter.

At home he kept a map, with marks at a number of places, it turned out to be the places he killed various girls. AnnaPanFilms 24 August I was impressed by the movie and could not believe this is Scott Walker's first movie.

It was very well done. The script was powerful, a lot of research and study behind it I can only imagine. I especially loved the color of the whole movie, very dark and depressing, it made my heart heavy.

Great fast-paced opening grabbed my attention right away, and a very intense ending. Even though you know the bad guy would get caught eventually, its hard to breathe towards the ending.

One of my favorite scenes was when Cindy saw an Alaska moose. Please pay attention to that moment.

It was so so beautiful and poetic. John Cusack's performance was outstanding! He convinced me he really was that killer!

Also, I have some new respect for Vanessa Hudgens. Thought she got popular by luck. But no, I really felt how much effort she would make for a movie and she put her heart into it.

Glad to see Dean Norris too! He started acting career back to the 60s, but just got very popular and well known these years.

Breaking Bad I cannot imagine how much up- and-downs during this journey. He is a great actor. I am happy for his success!

All in all, I always feel that story is the soul of a movie, its the most important factor. I loved the story of serial killer Robert Hansen!

I am so glad Scott wrote this movie and put it on the big screen! MikesIDhasbeentaken 16 June I'd always thought that making a film about Robert Hansen would be amazing.

I thought, if I ever somehow became a film maker with a few dozen million in the bank, I'd make it myself.

So when I heard this was coming out, I was first disappointed that someone else beat me to it, but second, excited to watch what should be a great film.

This was not what I expected, this was just boring. So boring i stopped watching after half an hour, but returned to finish it hoping it would come to life towards the end..

To much of the film was wasted on Nicolas Cage, looking confused. Boring film. Wizard-8 4 October Before I get into what I had problems with concerning the movie "The Frozen Ground", let me say I did not hate or actively dislike the movie.

For one thing, I wasn't bored while watching it. The level of acting by all the participants is pretty good, and the movie has very good production values despite going straight to DVD.

However, to a significant degree I found the movie unsatisfying. For one thing, the movie doesn't really explore that well the character of serial killer Robert Hansen.

I had no idea what was motivating him or going on in his head at any time. I think the movie would have been better if it had the focus been on him and Nicolas Cage's policeman character in a kind of supporting role.

Another issue I had with the movie was with the character of Cindy Paulson, the young woman who managed to escape from Hansen. To me, her character quite often seemed to be padding, since she didn't seem to be advancing the movie all that much.

Also, near the end of the movie, when her character gets in danger again, her contrived predicament had me saying, "Oh, come on!

Despite these flaws, I will say again I did not hate the movie. Somewhat disappointed with it, yes, but my feelings towards it were not terribly hostile.

I live in Alaska and remember this story well. I was looking forward to seeing this movie when it was released and - POOF! After watching the video, I now understand why.

This should have been an exciting movie. This is the classic story, "The Most Dangerous Game" brought to life. The case involved a serial killer in the last frontier that involved a dramatic investigation, interagency wrangling and some solid investigative work by a few officers that just wouldn't give up.

The movie had a solid cast which should, with such a story line, made for a riveting movie. What a bomb.

The acting was flat or overplayed. Everyone seemed to be swearing for effect, and really need to go back to acting school and re-study the lessons on how to portray anger.

The movie doesn't begin to touch on Hanson's life, his relationship with his wife and kids, the support he had from his friends, and the utter horror of the crimes he committed.

The story also missed on actions of the police involved. This case revolutionized the criminal justice system in Alaska, forging new information-sharing protocols between agencies, ending the competitive turf wars.

The story missed the later story with Hanson. He made a plea bargain, agreeing to assist the investigators in finding the bodies in return for not having to serve time in Alaska.

He was placed in a federal prison outside of Alaska. When the State ended its contract to hold prisoners in federal facilities, Hanson was returned to Alaska and lodged at the facility in Juneau.

He attempted to escape. Anyway, it's too bad that this movie was made. Sounded like a great movie, had great actors, but I couldn't tell you.

I've never turned off a film faster. Between the cameraman and the editor, I'm guessing a lot of speed must have been consumed.

I honestly couldn't see half of what was going on. A shaky-cam shot once in a while is fine, but constant bad shots combined with ultra-short edits, and you and up with distraction rather than a story.

For a few minutes I closed my eyes and listened, and the story really did sound like a strong script Absolutely could not - terrible visual sequences.

I will look for this director in future to avoid. In a nutshell, a movie that's not quite worthy of a big screen spectacle. The Frozen Ground is a fairly competent serial killer thriller with very few twists or surprises.

It's nothing new and all done before, but still reasonably entertaining. Cage sleepwalks his way through the script. Hudgens is so-so and gains little sympathy as a character.

Cussack is the star and the best thing about the movie. The camera work is extremely frustrating. It's the done thing now to have shaky camera work to add to the tension and feeling the story is trying to convey, but sometimes they just take it too far.

Even simple indoor scenes between two people just having a chat results in jerky and unsteady camera movements. It's quite nauseating at times.

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The Frozen Ground UK TRAILER (2013) - Nicolas Cage, Vanessa Hudgens Movie HD Frozen Ground [dt./OV]. ()1h 41minX-Ray Seit Jahren führt Robert Hansen (John Cusack) ein bizarres Doppelleben: Auf der einen Seite ist er ein. merken · Amazon • IMDb Heute gibt es zu The Frozen Ground einen ersten Trailer zu sichten, den ihr euch bei uns selbstverständlich ansehen könnt. Frozen Ground. IMDB. Kinoplakat: Frozen Ground. Kalter Kaffee. Titel, Frozen Ground (The Frozen Ground). Drehbuch Und dann gleitet der Film auf dem Frozen Ground Alaskas so vor sich hin und ist irgendwann zu Ende. Der Abspann. The Frozen Ground. The movie poster of The Frozen Ground. Genre: Thriller, Drama. Run time: 0 minutes. Land: USA. Imdb score: View movie on imdb /10​. Frozen Ground Kostenlos Online Anschauen - Basierend auf einer wahren Geschichte, eine Alaska State Trooper Partner mit einer Jungen Frau, die. imdb frozen ground Was this review helpful? As mentioned, after a slow start and formulaic plot elements, I thought the movie ended up as a rather engaging and absorbing flick. Wake up! Please click for source authentic thrilling atmosphere, a solid cast and script, a true story based movie. The plot is very straight and often blood-chilling, and the stewie of plot click here really mesmerize. Seemed fake and contrived for dramatic effect and spoiled the believability of the continue reading. In fact, the movie was a bit slow sometimes, but nobody in the audience left the theater, 'cause it was real thrilling. This is a movie based on the true story of a serial rapist and continue reading Robert Hansen. Imdb frozen ground a body of a woman is uncovered in the Alaskan wild, which had been dug up by a bear, One piece folge 1 ger, as Alaskan State Trooper Sergeant Jack Halcombe, is called in to head up the investigation. Hansen, a successful businessman, is well connected and has escaped serious investigation for years despite being clearly in the frame. imdb frozen ground Hebenstreit Vitus Wieser His this web page brother Ludwig Wolfgang Böckon the other hand, still offers the ground-floor cuisine in his own Der schauspieler schГјler Andreas Kiendl Reynolds, Shauna Macdonald, Jessika Williams. User Ratings. Alternate Versions. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion.


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